The price of tofu and bread seems to soar due to rise of soybeans' price

Over the last 10 years, the price of tofu has been often declining, however, recently the price of soybeans, what’s tofu is made from, has been soaring. This is because it has been raining a lot which made harder for soybeans to grow, and also due to China buying many of soybeans produced in the whole world. Consequently, the price of tofu seems to rise as well.  

The company producing tofu in Saitama-shi told their affiliated grocery stores that they would increase the price of tofu and fried tofu, both made from Japanese soybeans, by 5%-10%. The price of flour, what’s bread is made from, has been rising as well. 90% of flours used in Japan is imported from the United States, Canada, and other countries. However, since it has been hot and didn’t rain in the U.S., they didn’t grow well, which caused rise in the price of flour.

According to the estimate by the government, the price of one pack of white bread will rise by 2.3 yen and one bowl of udon noodle served at a restaurant will rise by 1.4 yen.

Citation: NHK News