70% of offices managing foreign technical interns have done some illegal actions

According to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the investigation conducted by Labor Standards Inspection Office last year reveals that 70% of the offices who are managing foreign technical interns are breaking law regarding the safety management and making the interns overwork.

There are more than 370 thousand foreign technical interns in the country as of December 2020, who are learning Japanese technique at the corporations according to the Immigration Services Agency.

As the Ministry was received consultations and reports from the interns, they conducted the investigation with Labor Standards Inspection Office at 8124 offices over the last year.


As a result, 70.8% of them (5752 offices) was confirmed to do something illegal against the Labor Standard Law.


The wrongdoings include illegal actions regarding the safety management, overworks, and unsettled overtime payment etc.

On the other hand, the number of the report about unsettled overtime payment etc. by the interns has increased to 192 cases this year from 85 cases last year.


According to the Ministry, these was even a case where interns were forced to work overtime with the payment of less than 400 yen/hour, which was way lower than the minimum wage.


The Ministry said due to the deterioration of management caused by the pandemic, these issues have increased, therefore, they will keep working on the investigation and providing guidance to correct the situation.

Citation: NHK News

Many of you might be working as a technical intern in Japan. If your office are doing something illegal actions, do not hesitate to report the case to the ministries.