1on1 Lesson with Japanese Teacher

Our tachers are the professionals for each fields-Japanese language, IT, Nursing, Architectural Design, Metal processing、Business, Restaurant, Hotel and Customer service.If you wish to work by using Japanese in the future, you can meet the best teacher in our service.
*We recommend to apply Japanese teacher for the user A2 level or above.


You can learn Japanese language for work

There is a big difference of Japanese language from shcool or the licensing examinaitons and actual the work scene. Can you sufficiently communicate with Japanese when you call, text and have face to face communication with Japanese people? If you have uneasy now, it's okay. In 日本語.COM, we will support all level Japanese learners with the specialty materials.


Abundant self-learning materials

Vocabulary All the words and Kanji related to JLPT tests
Grammar videos Difficult grammar will be explained through pictures and graphs
Reading Comprehensive explanations for reading questions and how to solve them
Practice exams Practice exams to check your current Japanese ability

What is JOT rank?

Checking the 4 Fields

1:The amount of vocabulary

2:The amount of grammer

3:Ability of honorific use

4:Ability of non-language communication

The measuring method of JOT

The JOT certified teacher measures your 4 fields of Japanese ability by the conversation with you.The conversation is recorded and another certified teacher measures again. Your result is calculated by increaseing the average of the 2 teacher's evaluation.

Most effective method to improve your JOT rank is learning the ranked up self-learning materials (word, gramner, reading) and taking all the conversation classes.


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