The things you can do with the points


1. Booking for conversation lessons

The point you need is different from each teacher. Please check the teachers list before the booking.

2. Examination of JOT test

3,000pt is needed to attend the conversation test for checking JOT rank.

3. Using the materials

You can use all the self-learning materials as long as the expiration date of the pont is valid.

How to buy

How to buy "Description"


How to buy "Step 1"


How to buy "Step 2"


How to buy "Step 3"

The expiration date of the points and the rules

icon The expiration date of the points
After purchase, the points are valid for 60days by counting from the date of points granted. After 60days are passed, you cannot book the conversation lessons or use the materials. If you want to continue the service, please purchase the points again.
icon The expiration date in case of re-purchase
After the second time of re-purchase, the validity of all re-purchased points is renewed to 60days counting the date of point granted including the expiration date of the points you keep.
icon Restriction on use of the points
The points of 日本語.COM is only for the user who purchased. Transferring and sharing the points are prohibited. In case we find these violations, use of the service is suspended.