<Limited to October Up to 30% off> New Registration Campaign starts

If you register for this course (Regular price 12,000 yen) by the end of October, you will be eligible for this special offer. Regular price 12,000 yen → Campaign price 10,500 yen (12.5% discount) If you apply with your friends or acquaintances, you can get a further discount. 12,000 yen for 2-4 people booking at the same time → Campaign price of 9,600 yen (20% discount) 12,000 yen for 5 or more people at the same time → 8,400 yen (30% discount) You can practice conversations (up to 10 times) with an experienced Japanese teacher on a one-to-one basis at your own time and place. Also, you can use all the materials for vocabulary, grammar, reading and more for a month after you sign up. Let's take this opportunity to study together to prepare for the JLPT test in December and to prepare for the Japanese job market. For more information, please contact us from "Contact Us" below.

2020/09/22 日本語.COM