As hospitalization still remains many, the state of emergency has been extended in 19 prefetcutres

The government held a meeting with experts regarding the novel coronavirus on 9th.

Regarding 21 prefectures where state of emergency has been declared, Yasutoshi Nishimura State Minister in Charge of Economic and Fiscal Policy said “Except Miyagi and Okayama prefectures, they don’t have enough beds at hospitals to take care of all the patients. Therefore, we are considering extending the state of emergency until 30th September in those 19 prefectures.”

He also mentioned that the semi-emergency coronavirus measures that are taken in 12 prefectures will end in 6 prefectures including Toyama prefecture. However, other 6 prefectures including Fukushima prefectures and Miyagi and Okayama prefectures will continue the measure until 30th. The expert panel also has accepted this proposal.

In addition, he said “it is important to make sure the hospital can continue taking care of the patients properly while containing the virus spread.” He asked the people’s cooperation as well.

Citation: NHK News