Course Goal

To be able to understand the contents of newspapers and news, and to be able to have business conversations without problems.

Who's this course for?

B1 or above at JOT. N2 or higher in JLPT.


4 months (49 lessons, 3 lessons a week). Words: 1159, Grammar: 135, Conversations: 41, Reading: 30

B2 Curriculum course

Total 49 lessons

Choose this course if you wish to learn conversation, vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension on selected curriculum.

Conversation Exercise 41, Vocabulary & Kanji 1159, Grammar 135, Reading Comprehension 30

(※1)Course for those who finished JOT B1 or JLPT N2.

(※2)Lesson proceeds in order from chapter 1. You cannot change the contents of the lesson or skip chapters.

(※3)Homework will be assigned in each class. Homework assignments will be used in the next class, so please be sure to complete your homework before class.


Free conversation

You can freely choose a theme and practice Japanese conversation with your teacher.

No homework will be given, so it is recommended for those who want to study words and grammar at their own pace.