Goal: To learn hiragana and katakana. To learn numbers, days of the week, and simple greetings.

Qualifications: First-time learners of Japanese

  • 第1課

  • 第2課

  • 第3課

  • 第4課

  • 第5課

  • 第6課

  • 第7課

  • 第8課

  • 第9課

  • 第10課

  • 第11課

  • 第12課

  • 第13課

  • 第14課

  • 第15課

Curriculum course

A total of 15 lessons

If you want to learn conversation, vocabulary, and reading comprehension with a set curriculum, please take this course.

(*1) Classes will be held in order from the first class. (*1) Classes start from the first lesson and the content cannot be changed during the course.

(*2) Homework will be given each time. The homework will be used in the next class, so please be sure to complete it before the class.


Free conversation

You can freely choose a theme and practice Japanese conversation with your teacher.

No homework will be given, so it is recommended for those who want to study words and grammar at their own pace.