Let's learn Japanese

With 日本語.COM(Nihongo.com), you can learn Japanese comprehensively from basic learnings to Japanese customs, cultures, and specialized knowledges. Our Japanese teachers are all looking forward to your participation.

Learning Counseling from Certified Teachers

We'll have fun talking with you during two free lessons. Certified teachers will analyze the best starting point for you in the four areas of vocabulary, grammar, respectful language and non-verbal communication skills.

Analyzing the learning process

Whether you need to learn a word or grammar is different for each person. We will analyze each person's weaknesses and provide you with an individualized approach to learning that works best for you.

Attended by a coach of the same native language

You will be accompanied by a coach who speaks your native language and will be able to ask you questions if you need help.

Support for working in Japan

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check Study-abroad Counseling
check Offering plenty of job listings
check Resume Check/ Revise
check Interview Practice
check Negotiating on work condition

Customer Reviews

Various teachers are teaching Japanese conversation really well.

Thuong Mr/Mrs.

Although I majored in Japanese Language Faculty, I rarely studied conversation. I decided to study at 日本語.COM so that I could talk more. Above all, the topics of the conversation and the words used in are well-prepared as learning materials, therefore you can prepare and start practicing before class by doing so, my Japanese got improved quickly. Please practice Japanese conversation with 日本語.COM like I do!

I got confident with my Japanese and now I am working in Japan!

Quyen Mr/Mrs.

I started studying Japanese 4 years ago. I chose the online class since I am raising my children and working and raising children. 日本語.COM is wonderful because there are a lot of experienced Japanese teachers. Even when I didn’t have time to practice conversation, I still got to practice with the listening materials on 日本語.COM every day, which improved my speaking skills. 日本語.COM is great and I really recommend it.

日本語.COM has plenty of leaning materials.

Loi Mr/Mrs.

When I started working in Japan as an engineer,  I wanted to learn Japanese more, so I started 日本語.COM. I studied vocabularies and watched a video every day.And the conversation practice was very good because I could choose the topics needed from the conversation materials after a 6-month study, I passed N4, and got to speak Japanese much better, which raised my salary as well! I’d like to keep studying with 日本語.COM and take N2.

You can speak more fluently than just practicing conversation so I started studying on 日本語.COM.

Lan Mr/Mrs.

When I met a customer at work, I couldn't speak Japanese well, so I started studying at 日本語.COM. 日本語.COM has everything you need for JLPT Test such as Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading Comprehension, Listening Comprehension. Therefore, you can study anything/anytime you want. And at the conversation practice, you can talk to Japanese teachers with the knowledge that you gained by yourself, which I think will take less time to improve your Japanese than just practicing conversation by all yourself.  I am very grateful for my teacher to make the curriculum matching my preference. I will continue studying and get JLPT N1.