Booming Japanese music YouTube channel, "THE FIRST TAKE"

calendar-icon 2021/09/21

In the previous article, we introduced a few Japanese TV shows as a way to learn Japan. Likewise, Japanese songs are also a good way to learn Japanese as some of you might have started to learn Japanese because you like Japanese artists and songs. So in today’s article, we want to introduce an interesting YouTube channel called “THE FIRST TAKE” where you can listen and watch Japanese songs.


“THE FIRST TAKE” is a channel where Japanese musicians record their songs only once without any edits, and they hit 5M subscribers this month. Within one year and ten months since the establishment of the channel on November 2019, it is the fastest as a music channel to reach that amount of subscribers. They are watched in 224 different countries and regions and their total views have reached 1.3 billion. Thus, some of you might have already watched their videos.


Since they record only once, the tension feels real even to the viewers which make them immerse themselves in their world. Moreover, on the channel, there are many artists and songs from different genres, so that you can find your favorite artists!


Here’s the top 3 videos in terms of the number of the view (as of September 2021):

1stねこ by DISH//

2nd紅蓮華ぐれんげby LiSA

3rdよるける by YOASOBI

Check more videos on their YouTube channel and use it as your new tool to learn Japanese!

Citation: Yahoo News