Experts say "some students need Japanese language education in high school" to the government.

According to the survey by Ministry of Education in 2018, there are 4172 high school students in Japan who or whose parents are from foreign countries and need Japanese language education. The number has increased twice of that of 10 years ago. 10% of them ended up quitting high school halfway through because of their poor Japanese skills, while it is only 1% of the whole high schoolers who quit high school in Japan. 


The Ministry has set up the expert panel on 22nd to discuss Japanese education for foreign students.


The experts suggested that like elementary and junior high school education, if it’s necessary, those students should receive Japanese language education in high school. They also ask the government to cooperate with NPOs not only to teach Japanese but also educate them regarding works in the future.


The Ministry will be setting up education system to teach Japanese language in high school by March 2022.


Citation: NHK News