Professional e-sport team has been created whose member's average age is 69 years old

calendar-icon 2021/09/29

A professional team for e-sport, a sport match on computer, has been established in Akita prefecture. The team is composed of 8 people from 66 to 73 years old.


As you age, the possibility of getting dementia increases. However, it is said that playing e-sport can lessen the risk of getting dementia. That’s why a company in Akita prefecture created the team whose member’s average age is 69. The team practice three times a week and plan to win a professional competition of e-sport.

The 67 years old female player of the team said “e-sport makes us use our eyes and hands, and we all think together how to win. So it might prevent dementia and body getting weaker”.


CitationNHK News