What is "Samurai facing west"??

calendar-icon 2021/09/30

Today is the end of September and October will start from tomorrow. By the way, can you tell if September has 30days or 31days? In Japan, we use a phrase 「西向くさむらい(: Samurai facing west)」to recognize if the month has 31 days or not.


This phrase shows months that don’t have 31days in Kanji.


The months that don’t have 31days are February, April, June, September, and November. If you write these number in kanji, it is 「二(2)四(4)六(6)九(9), and but wait, what is the last word? Isn’t 11 「十一」in kanji? Actually, since 「士(bushi, meaning samurai)」looks a combination of 十(10and 「一(1)」, 11 is written as 「士」. And they read 「士」“samurai, so that they read 「二四六九士」asnishimuku samurai: a samurai facing west(西向く侍)」.


That’s why Japanese people use this phrase to remember the month that don’t have 30days. What about in your country? Let’s talk about interesting facts about a calendar in your country with your teacher at Nihong.COM!