Japan granted refugee status to 74 people last year

Japan's Immigration Administration said last year it granted refugee status to 74 foreigners, the highest number since it began collecting data in 1982.

The agency said that in 2021, 2,413 foreigners applied for refugee status, a decrease of 1,523 cases compared with the previous year. This is also the fourth year in a row that the number of people applying for refugee status has decreased.

The number of people granted refugee status was 74 cases, an increase of 27 cases compared to the previous year.

Of these, 32 are from Myanmar. Myanmar's military staged a coup in February last year. Next is China with 18 cases, and Afghanistan with 9 cases.

Meanwhile, Japan allows 580 people to stay in Japan on humanitarian grounds, even without being granted refugee status. This is a record high number and an increase of 536 cases from the previous year.

Of these, 498 are from Myanmar and 6 from Syria.