こんにちわ!私(わたし)はMaki(まき)です。今(いま)は兵庫県(ひょうごけん)の神戸(こうべ)に住(す)んでいます。山(やま)と海(うみ)がとても綺麗(きれい)です。以前(いぜん)は東京(とうきょう)や千葉(ちば)にも住(す)んでいました。一緒(いっしょ)に楽(たの)しくお話(はなし)しましょう!みなさんのことも、たくさん、教(おし)えてくださいね*^^*Hello everyone!My name is Maki.I live in Kobe, Hyogo prefecture, where the ocean and mountains are beautiful.I used live in Tokyo and Chiba.I can speak English as well so I can explain some words in English if you want.I am looking forward to seeing you in online lessons.See you soon! *^^*
198 Lesson
Teaching Experience: 3 years
Language (more than daily conversation): English
Preferred lesson style: Enjoyable conversation
Familiar areas:
Experienced work: Accommodation / Hotel, Dining Out / Customer Service, Nursing care / medical care
Teaching Experience: 3 years

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